From Patricia:

I would like to acknowledge and thank my ancestors.  Without them my daughters, Hannah and Leigha would not have been born.  My darling grandchildren, Taj and Mairead would not be growing and thriving.  I am thankful for my ancestor’s guidance and for calling me home.  Thank you to my grandmother, Alta Fletcher.  I believe it was her unseen hand that guided my searching.  Thank you to my husband, David Victor Busbee for supporting and loving me when I felt most unlovable.  I am grateful for my adopted parents, Helen and Edmond.  My adopted mother was an artist. She taught me to see beauty in the most mundane places.  My adopted father gifted me with the love of learning. I want to thank Trace DeMeyer-Hentz for her support and encouragement.  She is a true sister and friend.  Without her vision and trust in the Great Spirit this book would not have come to fruition.  A special thank you to Blue Hand Books.  A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the adoptees.  Their stories are soul gifts to the reader.  I understand what it takes to wrestle with what is stirring inside and birth it onto the page.  May each adoptee continue to heal, grow and integrate.  May those that are still seeking find the much-needed missing pieces and may each adoptee understand their true worth in this lifetime.


From Trace:

I would not be able to do this work without the love, patience, and support of my best friend husband Herb.  He has endured 12 years+ with me writing at all hours and many moods which can get pretty dark doing research, blogging and writing.  Words are not enough but I love him and I thank him.

I thank Patricia Busbee for being a light, a constant source of love, and for being a brilliant writer and editor.  Working with you is a dream!  I love you and thank you, sister!

Thanks to the Native American publishing collective Blue Hand Books.

I thank Karen Vigneault for her first email in late 2013 which changed lives, including mine.  Her ability to locate lost relatives for adoptees, for all her time and work, I cannot possibly thank her enough. Karen, beautiful you, you define the word ANGEL.

For the Adoptees/Lost Birds/Lost Children/Split Feathers, I thank you and applaud you for your courage to write your own story and share your feelings and truths in this anthology.  With you all, we change history.  Your writing is truly incredible, powerful and life changing for all of us.  The writers in this book and in Two Worlds are some of the most extraordinary people I have ever met!

For adoptees still on the journey home, who keep in touch with me on Facebook and in emails, I send you love, good thoughts and keep you in my prayers.

To my family, all of you, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins, all my ANCESTORS, all of you, I love you and thank you.

To Creator, Great Spirit, I am forever your grateful servant.


Called Home: The Roadmap Copyright © (c) 2016 Second Edition by Blue Hand Books. All Rights Reserved.

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